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Up to date news about Vectro

April 18 2013

Optimized for WordPress

The server configuration is optimized for the best performance of WordPress and has several security rules in place just to protect WP installations. With Softaculous, installation of WP is as simple as just a few clicks. There is no need to install it manually and set up databases. It's done for you automatically.

April 18 2013

VPS Now Available

OpenVZ VPS containers are now available for sale. SolusVM and cPanel are both available for management. These plans are sized to be middle ground between shared hosting plans and dedicated servers. Help is provided for configuration and security. Several different operating systems are available including CentOS 5, CentOS 6, Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, SuSE and Scientific Linux.

May 25 2011


Protect your website or proxy site with CloudFlare to blocks bots, scrapers, spammers and other malicious visitors. Vectro is now a certified CloudFlare partner. These things can slow down your site and tie up system resources. CloudFlare works at the DNS level by filtering certain traffic before it even reaches the web server. It is available to all accounts and can be installed via cPanel.

May 25 2011


All of the servers at Vectro are protected by CloudLinux. This new software which is becoming more and more popular in the hosting industry prevents a single website from using too many resources and slowing down other people's sites. The data provided by CloudLinux can also help webmasters discover when their sites are having problems because of abusive traffic.

April 4 2011

Spammer using Vectro address

There has been a recent flood of spam which appears to originate from a e-mail address. This is in no way associated with Vectro, Inc. The spammer has used addresses on the domain as the return address without permission. If you see one, delete it and do not click any links.

This is an example message:

Good day, my friend!

What the world really needs is more love and less paper work.
I want to feel a heaven in your kiss. I know the day I find you my heart
will beat madly. And when you hold my hand I will soar to heaven and will not
drift back down to earth again. Our love will become a fairy-tale with a happy
end.I am waiting for you here <web address removed>
my love in order to make our dreams come true.

Yanny K.

This is another example:

Hi, my dear friend

There is a place you can touch a woman that will drive her crazy. Her heart.
Some people say that love is wrong and that we should get on with our lives, but I think they're all wrong. They don't see the
truth, and they don't know how good I feel when I imagine and our love that we will find one day. What do they know about
romance that I have in my heart and that I want to
share with you? We have to find each other <web address removed>
my dear to fly together and enjoy this beautiful life.

Yanna K.

April 4 2011

Uptime Monitoring Accuracy

The uptime of Vectro's servers is monitored by The image on the homepage shows the combined uptime statistics for all of the servers here. There has been falsely reported downtime from due to a technical issue with the 3rd party secondary DNS service. The biggest impact was on the 'Centurion' server. The counter for it has been reset. This DNS service is no longer being used and all name service is now being handled locally. This should improve the accuracy of the reports. If it does not, a different monitoring system will be used.

January 19 2011

Vectro acquires

As of January 19, 2011 Vectro, Inc. has acquired This deal is part of an ongoing effort to provide premier proxy hosting services. Former MPH customers receive more disk space, bandwidth and features at a better price. If you're in need of proxy hosting, be sure to visit x Proxy Host.

October 12 2009

Disk space increased

All hosting plans have now have increased disk space. Each package now has an added 10 GB. As we add upgrades in the future, the cost still stays the same.

April 21 2009

Hosting plans increased

The amount of disk space and bandwidth has increased for the Intro, Standard and Advanced plans. Remember, pre-pay for a year and get a 25% discount. As always, outstanding tech support is available every day.

September 24 2008

Overages only $1 per 10 GB

Monthly transfer overages are now only $1 for 10 GB. That's only .10 per GB! As always, Vectro allows you to use all of the monthly transfer allocated to your plan. This is unlike some hosts who have hidden policies preventing you from doing so.

May 19 2008

Warning to webmasters

Read our latest company news release titled Warning To Webmasters: Do Not Be Duped By Budget Hosting Providers. Avoid being lured by false advertising.

April 8 2008

Summer special

The cost of a Standard web hosting account has dropped to only $6.95 per month, with no set up fee as always. Add a domain to that for an extra $9.99 per year. This is down from the previous prive of $8.95 per month. We feel it is only virtuous to deliver our services at good value. The fact is hosting should be affordable. However, it is still good practice for serious webmasters and businesses to avoid being cheated by companies who advertise themselves as super cheap. In too many cases, their customer support just doesn't measure up.

February 23 2008

Uptime tracker fixed

Third-party uptime tracking was reset Feb. 22 2008. Previous issues have been resolved and the uptime displayed on the home page will now be accurate.

February 12 2008

Uptime percentage

Due to recent problems out of our control, our currently displayed uptime is incorrect. Short downtimes for necessities such as reboots have been miscalculated as 1 hr. or longer. This problem with the monitoring system has been corrected and future reporting will be more accurate. Please be aware that the current percentage displayed on the home page is lower than our actual uptime. Thank you for your understanding.

January 1 2008

Prices slashed

Happy new year! The cost of all hosting and reseller plans have lowered making our service more affordable. There is still no setup fee and pre-pay discounts still apply. Click here to see the plan comparison chart.

July 30 2007

Bigger hosting plans

We have just increased the disk space and monthly transfer for each account type. Get enough room to grow your website with us.

July 30 2007

Web Site Redesigned

We are proud to announce our new design geared for easy navigation. Learning about what we offer and how our service works has never been easier.

May 11 2007

Unlimited E-Mail Addresses For All Accounts

Disk space and monthly transfer have been increased for all hosting plans. In addition, every plan will now include unlimited e-mail addresses.

January 8 2007

Happy New Year! Free Domain Parking

Vectro now offers free domain parking. You may register a domain name through us or any registrar. If you already own a domain you can transfer it here to have it parked. The service is completely free, the only thing you pay for your is the domain name. We will supply you with a temporary "coming soon" web page. Optionally, e-mail addresses can be purchased to go with your parked domain. Get [email protected] for only $1 per month.

July 5 2006

Vectro Is Now Two Separate Companies

We have split into two separate companies. Vectro Security will offer computer security, optimization and tech support to small businesses in the state of Connecticut while Vectro Web Hosting will offer premium web hosting services on a high-powered network with unmatched tech support and customer service to the global market. Six years after going out of business we are back with a all of the latest standards in technology to suit your business or personal web site needs.

To mark this occaision we are offering no setup fees on new hosting accounts until December 31! Order an account any time during 2006 and you won't pay a set-up fee! Click here to view our web hosting plans or click here to sign up for a new account.

July 5 2006

Don't let large companies ruin the Internet for small businesses like yours!

Find out more about what Net Neutrality means and why it is such an important issue. The Internet could wind up in the hands of corporations who would limit the access certain businesses have to the Internet if they don't pay a "tax" to the provider to become a "preferred customer". Visit to learn more.