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Though it is obsolete in favor of Softaculous, Fantastico DeLuxe is still available as a legacy program which is used to install the PHP scripts which are included with your web hosting account in just a few clicks. Fantastico is built into cPanel so everything is managed in one place. Most generic web-based scripts require manual installation and configuration. Since many of these popular scripts are already included, Fantastico cuts the time it takes for installation and basic configuration of settings. Included are many popular applications such as content management systems, blogs, customer support systems, forums and much more. E-Commerce sites will also have access to install 24 different shopping cart programs.

Because many portions of Fantastico have been discontinued, it can be used to install software but not always to upgrade it. The only reason it is included is for people who have already used it to implement software might need it to maintain their current installations. This also applies to new customers who might need to migrate a site here from another host. Vectro provides support via the ticket system for anyone under these conditions who need help.

Content Management Systems
 bullet point Drupal
 bullet point Geeklog
 bullet point Joomla 1.7
 bullet point Joomla 1.5
 bullet point Joomla
 bullet point Mambo
 bullet point PHP-Nuke
 bullet point phpWCMS
 bullet point phpWebSite
 bullet point Siteframe
 bullet point TYPO3
 bullet point Xoops
 bullet point Zikula

Customer Management Systems
 bullet point Crafty Syntax Live Help
 bullet point Help Center Live
 bullet point osTicket
 bullet point PerlDesk (requires additional license purchase)
 bullet point PHP Support Tickets
 bullet point Support Logic Helpdesk
 bullet point Support Services Manager

Bulletin Boards and Discussions
 bullet point phpBB2
 bullet point SMF

Template Scripts and Page Creators
 bullet point Soholaunch Pro Edition
 bullet point Template Express

Project Management
 bullet point dotProject
 bullet point PHPProjekt

 bullet point Simple CGI Guestbook *
 bullet point Advanced Guestbook *

 bullet point WordPress
 bullet point b2evolution
 bullet point Nucleus

 bullet point TikiWiki CMS / Groupware
 bullet point PhpWiki

Image Galleries
 bullet point 4Images Gallery
 bullet point Coppermine Photo Gallery
 bullet point Gallery

Polls and Surveys
 bullet point Advanced Poll
 bullet point LimeSurvey
 bullet point phpESP

Other Scripts
 bullet point FAQMasterFlex
 bullet point Entropy Search *
 bullet point Create rotating banner ads with Entropy Banner *
 bullet point FormMailer *
 bullet point CGI EMail
 bullet point Random HTML Generator *
 bullet point Hit Counter *
 bullet point Clock *
 bullet point Counter
 bullet point Noahs Classifieds
 bullet point PHPauction
 bullet point phpFormGenerator
 bullet point WebCalendar
 bullet point OpenX
 bullet point Simple CGI Wrapper *
 bullet point Dew-NewPHPLinks

* = Installs via cPanel instead of Fantastico De Luxe.