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CloudLinux Protects the Servers at Vectro
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CloudLinux increases server performance by preventing one site from disrupting an entire server, a problem faced by web hosts for many years. The uptime and stability of the servers have increased substantially since it was installed. It knows how to isolate problems, which prevents a single issue from effecting the whole server. This also makes it easier to find problems, troubleshoot them and bring sites back to normal. CloudLinux data is available in every account's cPanel interface.

Some people mistake the purpose of CloudLinux and misinterpret its use as a sanction. This is not true. It shows a message when a site is overloaded, which sometimes means something bad is happening. There could be bot traffic from spammers and content scrapers, Denial of Service or DoS attacks or other unwanted web junk. If ever there ar errors, just open a support ticket and we will thoroughly check the logs for malicious or unwanted visitors. There are many solutions to these problems and Vectro has the experience to identify and filter out what is not wanted, but this requires good communication from the webmaster. Please never hesitate to ask for help.

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