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Vectro is a certified CloudFlare partner. CloudFlare protects your website by restricting access from known sources of bad traffic. These harmful automated sources of traffic don't click your advertisements and don't generate any revenue. All hosting plans come with CloudFlare built-in, which can be activated using cPanel for free.

CloudFlare operates as a proxy or intermediary between a website and the outside world. It is managed by a team of people. They maintain a huge list of known sources of dangerous activity. For example, they have a database which contains the IP addresses of hackers. They also know the origins of various spammers and e-mail harvesters who look for addresses and contact forms on web sites just to send junk messages to them or sell the information to advertisers. They also have a blocklist of content scrapers that steal the material authors worked so hard to create. There are other harmful people and bots besides those already mentioned here. When it detects an unwanted visitor, it rejects the connection to the requested content. The team updates the list of offenders on a regular basis and keeps it current so there is nothing for webmasters to maintain or keep track of.

The servers here use an additional feature called Railgun which ensures that the process is fast and does not slow down a site's speed. In fact, it can even speed up a site because it forces data to be routed to the fastest CF node. There is also an image caching system on their network which delivers content at an accelerated rate. It does this by displaying the stored version instead of requiring the images to be downloaded each time a user visits. The cache is updated every few hours to make sure changes to graphics are recorded.

There is no need to sign up using their site if you plan on using Vectro for CloudFlare hosting. It is built into all of the servers and only needs to be set up once if you choose to use it. It can be enabled within minutes by following a few easy steps. Alternatively, it can be done for you at no additional cost by opening a support ticket. It is important to note that SSL does not work with CloudFlare and will need to be on a separate sub-domain or top-level domain. This is something we can assist with as well.

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