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Warning To Webmasters: Do Not Be Duped By Budget Hosting Providers

Beware of offers for high-volume or unlimited plans when purchasing web hosting. They can be misleading and typically amount to false advertising.

Two key features any web host provides are disk space and monthly transfer. It is important to know the difference between web hosts who offer unrealistic amounts of these features and ones who offer amounts which they can actually support. For example a company might offer 1,500 GB of disk space. This sounds like a lot, but there is no way a server can hold that much hard drive space for each user. Many of these companies will suspend accounts as soon as large archives of files are uploaded. The fine print in some policies often include clauses allowing them to discontinue service at any time for high resource usage. Another deception to be aware of is any host who offers unlimited monthly transfer for a relatively low price. In the end this amounts to false advertising as there is no such thing as unlimited. The other problem created is oversaturation of servers from too many accounts on each one. Overall performance degradation and slow loading web sites are the result.

Vectro Web Hosting set limits on the number of users on each server. Realistic amounts of disk space and bandwidth are allocated to each account. If an account comes close to using its designated limits it will not be suspended. These high standards are married with fast and knowledgeable tech support, delivering the solutions a web site truly needs to stay active and online 24/7. The web is a highly competitive marketplace and a community for individuals. Both categories of people deserve quality from their hosting providers. Beginners are welcome at Vectro. The staff is always friendly and happy to help someone get started.

Tech support is available 24/7 through our support ticket system. Responses are typically same day, often within just a few hours. Vectro's staff is always helpful and courteous during the process of resolving problems. Help is available for setting up the various cgi and php scripts included with each account. E-Commerce accounts receive added help setting up their online stores and secure server access.

Give Vectro Web Hosting a try for 30 days. Accounts which are canceled before that time will receive a full refund, no questions asked. See the chart of plans here.